Understanding ChatGPT: The Pros and Cons of AI-Generated Content

While artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for years, in late 2022, ChatGPT — a tool for creating AI-generated content — exploded on the scene. Setting a record for the fastest-growing user base and reaching 100 million users in the first two months of launch, it’s safe to say that ChatGPT is here to stay. […]

Digital Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

Digital marketing with artificial intelligence (AI) is rising, with the global AI market expected to quadruple over the next five years. While some companies were early adopters and have already started using AI for their digital marketing, many are still reluctant to dive into this technology. Like any other marketing strategy, a strong understanding of […]

2023 Hot Digital Marketing Trends: Is Your Marketing Keeping Up with the Times?

2023 is here! And a new year means new trends and the marketing industry is no exception.

As you work on your marketing plans in the coming year, it’s important to remember that while you don’t need to keep up with every single trend that pops up, you DO need to ensure your marketing campaigns are moving with the times.

Check out our 2023 Digital Marketing Trends blog post to get some inspiration and see which trends are hot for the coming year.

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Blogs, Blogs and More Blogs…

Blogs, blogs, and more blogs!!??!!…..  We know that blog content is important, but how do you keep your content fresh and meaningful while performing other marketing tasks at the same time? Marketing2Connect is here to help.  We can create new content based on your input, refresh existing blogs and add eye catching graphics that will […]

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What will help marketers sleep better?

The simple answer is more focused efforts on targeted prospects and a more focused message to meet that audience.  The more complex question is how? Marketing2Connect can assist you in these efforts.  We help you define your ideal customer, identify companies that fit your criteria and the key players.  We can also help you develop […]

Hands coming together

About Marketing2Connect

The key to good storytelling is to have a beginning, a middle and an end. Here’s the beginning of our story. Who We Are Marketing2 Connect is an Illinois certified women-owned business (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council – WBENC) focused on the B2B sector.  Our team has many years of experience in all phases of […]