Marketing2Connect is an Illinois certified women-owned business (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council – WBENC) focused on the B2B sector.  We provide high-impact marketing campaigns that enable our clients to connect with customers and achieve results. We listen with intention to understand our clients’ needs and harness our experience, in-depth knowledge, and creativity to meet those needs.

Our team has many years of experience in all phases of business including sales and marketing, IT, and management in major industries such as technology, retail, and education.  Each team member has a specific skill set and we combine these talents to offer a comprehensive menu of marketing assets and services.  We have provided multiple marketing campaigns that have led to strong ROI results and an increase in sales for our clients.  We would like to do the same to help you.

Our motto is “Marketing Made Easy” and it is not just a tagline for us.  From ideation to development to execution, we develop custom marketing assets and services that are focused on helping our clients enhance their relationships with their customers, develop new prospects and improve their bottom line.  We do this through a combination of education, information and development and execution of marketing campaigns tailored toward client business plans.

We are more than flyers and brochures.  When working with clients we ask questions and listen to the answers.  We then take the information and develop a plan that fits the client’s budget and will help achieve the campaign’s objective.  We are not limited to “tried and true” solutions. We use innovation to help our clients reach new customers. 

Interested in learning more about how to make your marketing efforts more effective? Check out our free educational guide to Inbound Marketing. 

We exist to help our clients, and we look forward to serving your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you maximize the value of your marketing.


Our mission is our clients’ success. We help our clients succeed by gaining a crystal-clear understanding of their needs and creating advantageous marketing campaigns that produce results.

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At Marketing2Connect, we strive to provide the ideal level of service for each client. Every client has different requirements, and we tailor our solutions to speak directly to each client’s business model, goals, and ideal customer. Our broad range of services and extensive knowledge of marketing in multiple industries make us the ideal choice for partners in any industry or niche.



We are completely committed to providing outstanding customer service at every stage of the relationship. Whether we are developing a new marketing plan and strategy, revising an existing plan, developing content, or helping educate clients’ customers, we are focused on our clients’ success.


We have built a team of leading experts with years of experience in marketing. Each team member brings something unique to the table, allowing us to offer our clients a combination of creative expertise and proven experience in the industry–the ideal synergy for exceptional results.



We strive to bring creativity and energy to the table in everything we do. We are passionate about marketing, and our passion is evident not only in our comprehensive approach but, most importantly, in the results we are able to help each client achieve. At Marketing2Connect, we believe that every client deserves the ideal combination of creativity and energy.