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A Business’s Most Important Feature is Its People

A business’s most important feature is its people

In our current climate, it is more important than ever to approach businesses on a personal level in addition to a professional basis.  Genuine empathy, concern and authenticity can be your biggest assets.   Workers everywhere are feeling the pressure of difficult and demanding work environments, the challenges of working remotely, and the concerns for the future and the return to “normal” and what that really means.

How do I do that?

Here is where your sales and marketing team can make a difference.  Many teams still approach businesses as faceless entities; but, your team can change that.  How?  By communicating with your customers on a personal basis regularly, making a non-sales phone call, sending a text, or e-mail just to see how they are doing during these times.  Ask about their thoughts on their business and where they think it can go.  Offer insight and ideas on how they can keep their customers apprised of changes (positive and negative) to the business.  Being genuinely concerned for your customers and their employees will go a long way to building and strengthening relationships and will keep your business top of mind when “normalcy” returns.

Be a sounding board

You already know that customer retention is vital to any business, including yours.  Use these calls to discuss the best methods of insuring customer retention; ask about your customer’s  concerns and ideas and build on them.  Equally important, ask about the concerns their customers are expressing. 

Next steps

There are many ways to address the concerns your customer expresses and one of the best is a new approach to marketing.  Rather than trying to sell a product, use marketing tools such as digital and social marketing as well as traditional assets to keep your customers informed and educated about your business, its mission and vision.  Communication and marketing will go hand in hand toward reaching your goal of approaching businesses on a more personal level. 

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