Sales Tools

This is a new offer which is a companion piece to a product guide. Choose from one of the three Sales Tools and it will be customized with your Logo, Contact Information and a link to your Website. Use these as handouts, mailers, email, or other content for your website or social media.

Plant: Page 1

Retail: Page 1

T&L: Page 1

Plant: Page 2

Retail: Page 2

T&L: Page 2

ZQ600 Healthcare

ZD510 Healthcare

TC Family


Supplies: Page 1

Supplies: Page 2

OS Migration: Page 1

OS Migration: Page 2


Reinventing Retail

Power of Android: Page 1

Power of Android: Page 2

Print DNA: Page 1

Print DNA: Page 2

Mobility DNA

Workforce Mobility

Warehouse 2020

8 ways

Windows Embedded: Page 1

Windows Embedded: Page 2

Right Device

Hospital Vision

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  • It’s always important to include a compelling call to action on each of your Action Pack assets. This could be as simple as “call today for more information” or something more specific about a special offer you’ve created for your Action Pack. Please provide your call to action text in the field below.